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Kiss - Uh! All Night (DVDRip from 1987y. release)
Kiss - Who Wants To Be Lonely (DVDRip from 1987y. release)
Helloween - If I Could Fly (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - I Can (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - Forever And One (Neverland) (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - The Time Of The Oath (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - Power (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - Perfect Gentleman (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - Where The Rain Grows (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - Mr. Ego (Take Me Down) (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - When The Sinner (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - Kids Of The Century (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - I Want Out (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Helloween - Halloween (DVDRip from 2000y. release)
Stryper - Free (DVDRip from 1988y. release)
Stryper - All Of Me (DVDRip from 1988y. release)
Stryper - Honestly (DVDRip from 1988y. release)
Stryper - Calling On You (DVDRip from 1988y. release)
Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Kix - Cold Blood (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Kix - Get It While It's Hot (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Kix - Blow My Fuse (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Britny Fox - Save The Weak (DVDRip from 1989y. release)
Britny Fox - Long Way To Love (Live In Japan's Tokyodome) (DVDRip from 1989y. release)
Britny Fox - Girlschool (DVDRip from 1989y. release)
Britny Fox - Long Way To Love (DVDRip from 1989y. release)
Bad English - Forget Me Not (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Bad English - Price Of Love (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Bad English - Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Bad English - When I See You Smile (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Bad English - Best Of What I Got (DVDRip from 1990y. release)
Dj Nelson Pres. Flow La Discoteka Feat. Hector El Bambino - Daddy Yankee - Master Joe And O.G. Black - Travesuras - Gasolina (PO Exclusive Edit) - Banshee Robao (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Conjunto Primavera - Vuelve Conmigo (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Down Aka Kilo Feat. Jenni Rivera - Mami Te Quiero (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Adassa - On The Floor (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Chuly Feat. Adassa - Asi Te Gusta (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Pilar Montenegro And Gizelle D'Cole - Tomalo Suave (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Eduardo Osorio - Extra! Extra! (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Alex El Bizcochito - Dos Amantes (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Marco Antonio Solis - Mi Mayor Sacrificio (Pop Version) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Marc Anthony - Ahora Quien (Pop Version) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Magnate And Valentino - Ya Lo Se (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Alih Jey - Munequita Tuya (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Alex Ubago - Fantasia O Realidad (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Lissette - Hacer El Amor (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
A.B. Quintanilla Pres. Kumbia Kings - Fuego (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Antonio Orozco - Estoy Hecho De Pedacitos De Ti (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Belinda - Vivir (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Juan Luis Guerra 440 - Las Avispas (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Alejandro Fernandez - Me Dedique A Perderte (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
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