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Mark Collie - She's Never Coming Back (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Roy Rogers And Clint Black - Hold On Partner (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Matraca Berg - It's Easy To Tell (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Hal Ketchum - I Know Where Love Lives (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Charlie Daniels - Little Folks (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Pirates Of The Mississippi - Fighting For You (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Sweethearts Of The Rodeo - Devil And Your Deep Blue Eyes (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Mel McDaniel - My Ex-Life (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Trisha Yearwood Feat. Don Henley - Walkaway Joe (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
John Michael Montgomery - Life's A Dance (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Gary Morris - Love Hurts (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Marshall Tucker Band - Driving You Out Of My Mind (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Ricky Van Shelton - Wild Man (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Tish Hinojosa - In The Real West (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Confederate Railroad - Queen Of Memphis (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Deborah Allen - Rock Me (In The Cradle Of Love) (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Shenandoah - Leavin's Been A Long Time Comin' (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Dwight Yoakam - Suspicious Minds (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Gibson Miller Band - Big Heart (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Vince Gill - Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
McBride And The Ride - Just One Night (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Michelle Wright - He Would Be Sixteen (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Stacy Dean Campbell - Poor Man's Rose (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Reba Mcentire - Take It Back (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Diamond Rio - In A Week Or Two (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Tim Ryan - Idle Hands (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Corbin Hanner - Just Another Hill (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Curtis Wright - If I Could Stop Lovin' You (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Robert Ellis Orrall - Boom! It Was Over (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Collin Raye - I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Billy Burnette - Tangled Up In Texas (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Randy Travis - Look Heart, No Hands (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Doug Stone - Too Busy Being In Love (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Bruce Carroll Feat. Ricky Skaggs - If We Only Had The Heart (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Travis Tritt - Can I Trust You With My Heart (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Billy Dean - Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Mark Collie - Born To Love You (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Ray Kennedy - No Way Jose (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Martina McBride - Cheap Whiskey (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Levitation - Firefly (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Cocteau Twins - Aikea-Guinea (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Electronic - Feel Every Beat (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Adamski Feat. Soho - Born To Be Alive! (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Die Warzau - Funkopolis (12 Inch Mix) (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Single Gun Theory - From A Million Miles (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Fear (Of The Unknown) (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Coil - The Snow (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Klf - America: What Time Is Love? (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Marc Almond - Jacky (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
Ocean Blue - Ballerina Out Of Control (DVDRip from 1991y. release)
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